AmyJune Hineline

"Listen, gotta dash. Things. Happening. Well, four things. Well, four things and a lizard." 

~ Doctor Who (The Tenth Doctor)

AmyJune with her geocache finds - travelbugs
AmyJune Hineline in the city

AmyJune Hineline

Community Lead

I am a Drupal Site Builder and Community Lead at Hook 42. This means I like to build things and help in the issue queue.

The freedom of open source software is a driving force behind my desire to give back to the community. While I dabble in development, being involved with the documentation initiative and helping in issue queues is my passion. As a graduate of Drupal Easy Academy, I am always pleased to meet up with fellow alumni to discuss and collaborate to find solutions.

Cutting my teeth providing support on Drupal 5 through 8 sites allowed me to see how the Drupal world has changed and how much potential there is within the community.

Out in the wild I enjoy geocaching and mycology. I love listening to the crackle of vinyl records and going to see live music with my husband and friends. My experience in the world covers palliative medicine, mothering, communications, and volkswagening.

Iced Americanos • Mushroom Spotting • Geocaching • Doctor Who • Traveling