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Have an emergency?!

Sometimes your site is melting, you are losing business, and immediate issue resolution is required for your business success. Aaak!

We love to help solve issues for our new and existing clients and genuinely want your digital business ventures to thrive.

Our highest priority is to provide top-notch support to our clients' previously scheduled work. You'd expect the same level of service for your project work.

But please do ask for help. Just understand that we may be engaged elsewhere and will get back to you as soon as possible.

If we don’t have the immediate availability you need, we will do our best to connect you to other capable help through our extended network of developers and other agencies.

Emergency help usually takes between 15 and 30 hours of work (2 to 4 days) and is charged at an emergency rate that is higher than our normal project rates.

Is it still an emergency?  

This is how we intake emergency requests:

  1. Ask for help with the contact form. Provide some level of detail in your initial request so we can start gauging impact, immediacy, and possible resources required. Again, use the contact form. If so, multiple people will see the request. You will have a higher chance of getting a faster response than a direct email to one of the team members.
  2. Help is a pre-paid minimum of 10 hours. Based on your emergency, triage may need to be performed by a senior staff member. This is a realistic minimum time for triage of targeted issues. Pre-payment is accepted through PayPal. The 10 hour effort includes: issue review, gain access to systems, performing an initial audit, issue research, and if the fix is straight forward, implementing the fix.
  3. Can it be fixed in a day? If the solution is identified and can't be fixed within a work day, we let you know how much more work is required and let you decide the next step. If possible, we like to close one-day requests as fast as possible. It keeps it simple for everyone to track.
  4. Wow, this is is bigger than everyone thought! If things are way out of whack with your site and it needs some work, we’ll let you know as soon as it is obvious it isn’t a fast fix. We'll discuss with you why it isn't a fast fix and discuss next steps.