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Alona Oneill

Community Developer

In 2018, I started my Drupal training through the Drupal Easy course. I recently joined Hook 42 as a Community Intern. I am excited to be starting a new career in this field, and am excited to be giving back to the Drupal community.

Prior to working with Drupal I spent 6 years studying and working in a law career. Since moving to the United States I have spent time working in child care. I enjoy helping others.

Outside of work I enjoy cooking, travel, and exploring new places and experiences. I currently speak 3 languages (English, Russian & Ukrainian) and am planning to learn Spanish in the near future.


For a moment, nothing happened. Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen.

~ Douglas Adams

Alona's pet Mia the chinchilla sitting in its bowl
Spicy Food • Movies • Traveling • Family • Languages • Makeup