Tara Neier

Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

~ Ford Prefect

Tara Neier looking comfortable
Tara Neier in the city

Tara Neier

Senior Software Developer

I’m a senior software engineer who is well versed in Drupal. I work on back-end problems in PHP and I can wade through tricky front-end Javascript for interactive UIs. I also build queries for complex interactions, reports, and site diagnostics. I’m most comfortable with my blinking cursor at a MySQL or shell prompt ready to solve a problem.

I’ve been working in web development since 1995 when I used Perl and HTML to fill the idle hours of my system administration job. Once the Internet took off I never looked back. I added many languages and technologies as times and clients changed. I first developed sites in Drupal in 2004 with Drupal 4.

I’m guilty of being a serial hobbyist. I’ve been through ukulele building, beekeeping, chickenwrangling, fossil hunting, arduino hacking, and most recently watercolor and pastel painting. Remnants of most of the hobbies remain after the passion or the learning curve has passed. I also enjoy watching my son grow, especially when he cleans his room.

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