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Responsive view of multiple Anki websites on iphone, laptop and desktop devices

Anki is a fast-paced developer of consumer robotics based on decades of scientific research into making artificial intelligence accessible to everyone. Anki’s Overdrive product combines easy-setup tracks with robotic supercars to deliver a racing experience that feels like magic. Using mobile devices as controllers, Anki is able to enhance gameplay with web-based scorecards and car capability software upgrades.

Design Direction

Mobile and tablet-optimized designs that are scalable to desktop.

Marketing Direction

Sales optimization via Optimizely A/B testing and Magento promotions.

Key Features

Sales-Driven Promotions, Cross-Organization Management, Parallel Development, Process Optimization

Summary of Work

Hook 42 contributed to the management and development of the web site for the release of Anki’s new Cozmo interactive “personality” robot. Process optimization for parallel development was needed to deliver the web experience with integrated marketing promotions and Marketo sales tools.

Hook 42 collaborated with Web Delivery, Information Technology, Analytics, Sales, and Product teams to bring everything together on time for the fast-approaching holiday delivery. While working to deliver for the 2016 holiday, Hook 42 contributed to planning a complete technology revamp for holiday 2017.

The Twelve Days of AWS: Aurora

We've made it to the final day, the 12th day of AWS!

Talking of RDBMSs, with all of the Data Lakes, Data Warehousing, NoSQL solutions available on AWS, it is nice to still have access to a good old RDBM, which Aurora provides, with both MySQL and PostgreSQL flavors.

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The Twelve Days of AWS: Redshift

To talk about Redshift we probably need to talk about Data Warehousing, as Redshift is a fully managed Data Warehouse package. This is not putting your data in a ‘digital warehouse’ to go and gather virtual dust on the back of a virtual shelf somewhere and is more akin to a single source of truth for the state of a business and its information. Whilst Redshift is based on PostgreSQL and can be queried with normal SQL, it is not meant to be a DataBase per se.

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The Twelve Days of AWS: Data Pipelines

Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) is the name of the game when it comes to Data Pipelines. 

The Extract portion will acquire data from some source(s), which will then pass through Transform where some alteration may be needed to that data, to then end up Loaded into another storage format, such as Redshift, S3, to name a couple.

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The Twelve Days of AWS: EC2

Despite being what most people think about when mentioning AWS, I left their Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) until now, mostly because personally I don’t use it all that much.

With the advent of Lambda, EC2 can feel a bit more laborious as there is a lot more set up involved than with serverless solutions.

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The Twelve Days of AWS: CloudWatch

Speaking of CloudWatch… all things logging belong here. CloudWatch will track metrics on your EC2 instances, SQS, SNS entries and more. You will have graphing of data, and be able to keep track of everything happening on your AWS stack.

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The Twelve Days of AWS: CloudFormation

On the 7th day of AWS, I would like to mention something that almost stays hidden behind the scenes when using Serverless, but is critical to its use.

CloudFormation allows you to spin up a stack of resources from a config file. It deals with the order of operations, timing and error handling on your behalf and makes it pretty easy to keep on top of all the elements of the stack.

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The Twelve Days of AWS: SNS

Simple Notification Service (SNS) is another great tool for distributed operations but is different from SQS in various ways including:

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The Twelve Days of AWS: SQS

Simple Queue Service (SQS) is an indispensable tool for many batch operations and concurrent events within, and even outside of, the AWS infrastructure. There are two types of queues: Standard or FIFO. The standard queue, where messages enter the queue and exit in the most performance effective manner, can be batched into groups of messages and can be used to trigger Lambdas.

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The Twelve Days of AWS: IAM

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) is where you set up users and groups to create and assign roles and permissions to those users. You may want to assign a user with specific access to certain functionality that will be used by a Lambda, or a user login for someone to log into AWS and view logs. All of these things are done here in IAM.

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