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Go Overseas provides a service to connect people with meaningful travel programs, such as volunteer, study, or teaching engagements. Hook 42 was selected for their Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 migration project, requiring both backend and frontend development. We also ran SEO health checks and continue to work with Go Overseas on performance monitoring and ongoing improvements to their site and architecture.

Go Overseas Home Page

Hook 42 Presentations at Stanford Drupal Camp

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The Hook 42 team had a great time at Stanford Drupal Camp this weekend.  Kristen and Aimee presented two sessions each and four other members of our team attended, Lindsay, K2 (Kristin), Marc, and Marc's 15 year old son Dean.  It was the first Drupal camp experience for the extended team and they enjoyed the great topics, beautiful facilities, and the welcoming community.  Many thanks to the Stanford Drupal community for hosting such a great event! Read more about Hook 42 Presentations at Stanford Drupal Camp

Drupal Peer Review and Testing with Pantheon Multidev

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We use Pantheon for most of our projects and it is quite wonderful to use. In particular, the multidev feature provided by the Business+ level hosting is a "must have" for development teams. Not only do you get the standard dev => test => live development workflow, you also get separate sandboxed dev sites for each of your developers to work in. Read more about Drupal Peer Review and Testing with Pantheon Multidev

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