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Hook 42 DrupalCon Vienna Sessions

Along with our CTO, Kristen Pol, we have a new Accessibility Lead and Senior Front-end Developer, Carie Fisher, who will be in Vienna. We are excited to have her onboard! Carie is one of the community leaders who received a well-deserved scholarship to attend DrupalCon Vienna.

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Node.js version control in Drupal themes

It is important that for any given project, each developer uses the same version of Node.js and related Javascript (JS) packages. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use “Node Version Manager” (NVM) to install multiple versions of Node.js, how to use “Automatic Version Switching for Node.js” (AVN) to automatically switch Node.js versions when changing to a project directory, and how to use “Node Package Manager” (NPM) to keep track of JS packages.

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DrupalCon New Orleans Multilingual Training - Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!

Hook 42 is ready to let the good times roll at DrupalCon in New Orleans, et vous? Are you an agency who has multilingual clients, or do you want them? Are you a themer, site builder, or developer who already works on multilingual sites? Do YOU want to expand your knowledge base and skills so you can start building multilingual sites? Have you heard the rumors that multilingual in D8 is easier than D7 and want to experience that first hand? ...
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Hook 42 at Stanford Drupal Camp 2016

We are excited for an annual journey down the peninsula to Stanford Drupal Camp this week! We are ready to rock Stanford with our sessions! Aimee Degnan, Kristen Pol, and Kristin (K2) Bradham will be presenting sessions - from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, multilingual to devops, to even Drupal itself!
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Conversational Drupal

At BADCamp this year I had the privilege of presenting a basic introductory session for those new to Drupal. I really started thinking about myself when I started Drupal 3 1/2 years ago. There were so many terms that had specific meaning.

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How to Help with the Drupal 8 Contrib Porting Tracker

Drupal 8 RC2 is out and a full release is coming on November 19th! But, in order to make more great websites on Drupal 8, we need to port a bunch of contrib projects from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. There are a LOT of contrib projects out there (over 12,000 modules, themes, and distributions!), so the new Drupal 8 Contrib Porting Tracker helps track these projects so the community can see what’s going on in a centralized place.

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Keep Drupal Entity References in Sync with the CER Module

Why Use the Corresponding Entity References Module?

Corresponding Entity References (CER) is a very useful module if you have two entity references that talk to each other. If you update one entity reference, CER does all the work to make sure the other entity reference reflects that update. It makes it easy to quickly associate entity references without having to edit two entities.

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