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sunpower homepage shown on desktop tablet and mobile device

SunPower is a Fortune 1000 company based in Silicon Valley that creates high-performing solar energy solutions for residential, commercial, and utility markets worldwide. SunPower's Maxeon solar cells have the highest efficiency in the business.

Design Direction

Market Leader, Interactive, “Gamified”, Engaging, User-Friendly, High Conversion, Responsive

Key Features

Award-Winning Interactive Design, Animations, Multiple Multilingual Web Properties, Multiple Content Teams, Custom Integrations & Analytics, Multi-site Architecture

Summary of Work

We designed and implemented a "gamified" solar calculator to engage users and promote lead generation, which won a 2016 Oracle Markie Award for Best Web or Commerce Experience. We implemented landing page mini-sites with JavaScript animations to showcase new product launches.

Our team designed a new and effective Agile project process including daily scrums, bi-weekly planning and demos, backlog grooming and prioritization, and optimized Jira workflows. Using this process, we architected and developed a new multilingual Drupal 7 multi-site platform to consolidate SunPower's international websites and replace their existing software.

responsive component layout of sunpower landing page template

Award-Winning Design

We collaborated with SunPower to design and develop the SunPower Savings Calculator which won a 2016 Oracle Markie Award for Best Web or Commerce Experience.

Multiple Website Support

We provided Enterprise content support and software development for 7 SunPower web properties:  

Agile Project Team

Our team implemented an effective Agile process for the project including daily scrums, bi-weekly planning and demos, backlog grooming and prioritization, and optimized Jira workflows.

Multilingual Drupal Development

We improved four SunPower multilingual websites and created a new Drupal 7 multilingual multi-site platform as a replacement for the existing software. All SunPower properties will be migrated to the improved Drupal platform.

Responsive Theming

We created responsive web pages for SunPower users to enjoy on their smartphones and tablets.

Drupal Migration

We created a new multilingual Drupal 7 platform to consolidate SunPower's international websites. We supported the migration of 6 web properties to the new platform.

Hook 42 at New England Drupal Camp

We're super excited to attend New England Drupal Camp this year!

Aimee is honored to have been invited to be the keynote speaker this year. She'll be discussing inclusion and diversity in the community. In addition to Aimee's keynote, we are partnering up with our longtime friends at Lingotek to put together a hands-on multilingual workshop that covers Drupal 8 and an integration to Lingotek's Translation Management System.

Just in case that wasn't enough, we're also presenting a couple of sessions. One comparing the madness of the multilingual modules on Drupal 7 to the new and improved Drupal 8 multilingual approach. We will be presenting another session covering how ANYONE and EVERYONE can help contribute back to the Drupal project even if they aren't the most advance technical person

Hook 42 logo and Drupal Camp logo

Drupal 8 multilingual websites training at BADCamp by Hook 42 and Lingotek

Hook 42 has run four Drupal multilingual trainings at BADCamp since 2012, which has been a lot of fun. The first three years were focused on Drupal 7 only, and last year our training was split between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. At all of these trainings, we had the great fortune of having the Lingotek team help us mentor students during the self-paced training as well as give a quick peek at their translation software.

Hook42 plus lingotek logos

DrupalCon New Orleans Multilingual Training - Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!

Hook 42 is ready to let the good times roll at DrupalCon in New Orleans, et vous? Are you an agency who has multilingual clients, or do you want them? Are you a themer, site builder, or developer who already works on multilingual sites? Do YOU want to expand your knowledge base and skills so you can start building multilingual sites? Have you heard the rumors that multilingual in D8 is easier than D7 and want to experience that first hand? ...
Hook42 Team
DrupalCon New Orleans logo

Rocking Drupal Multilingual at BADCamp!

Hook 42 will be doing all things multilingual at BADCamp this year! First up, on Friday, we'll be training Drupalers on creating multilingual Drupal 7 website's using Kristen's book.

Drupal logo saying hello in multiple languages