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SunPower is a Fortune 1000 company based in Silicon Valley that creates high-performing solar energy solutions for residential, commercial, and utility markets worldwide. SunPower's Maxeon solar cells have the highest efficiency in the business.

We collaborated with SunPower to design and develop the SunPower Savings Calculator which won a 2016 Oracle Markie Award for Best Web or Commerce Experience.

SunPower Award-Winning Savings Calculator

We provided Enterprise content support and software development for 7 SunPower web properties:,,,,,, and

Application Development illustration

Our team implemented an effective Agile process for the project including daily scrums, bi-weekly planning and demos, backlog grooming and prioritization, and optimized Jira workflows.

Agile Software Process illustration

We improved four SunPower multilingual websites and created a new Drupal 7 multilingual multi-site platform as a replacement for the existing software. All SunPower properties will be migrated to the improved Drupal platform.

SunPower Japanese Site homepage screenshot

We created responsive web pages for SunPower users to enjoy on their smartphones and tablets.

SunPower Responsive Design page on a computer screen

We created a new multilingual Drupal 7 platform to consolidate SunPower's international websites. We supported the migration of 6 web properties to the new platform.

Software Migration illustration