Websites Have Needs, Just Like Babies

smiling baby in mother's lap typing on laptop

A website is like a baby. 

Stick with me here. This may seem like a strange comparison but it really does apply.

Families often plan for months or years in anticipation of the birth of a baby. They hire a medical professional that will help deliver the baby, prepare a nursery, buy some diapers, baby-proof the house, and celebrate when the big day arrives and the baby is born.

Similarly, in anticipation of the “birth” of our websites, companies hire a web agency to develop a new site, begin gathering fresh content and images, determine our hosting environments, and “high five” each other when the new website is delivered.

But the analogy doesn’t end there - or at least it shouldn’t. 

A baby doesn’t just magically grow into an adult by itself. It needs adult supervision and medical care for protection, an ever-changing wardrobe as it grows, assistance when it wants to learn something new like riding a bicycle, and someone who is looking out for, and preparing for, its future needs. 

All too often, web developers and clients see the launch of a website as the finished project. Time goes by and the site isn’t kept up-to-date with security releases, the site begins to look dated, and the client finds they need to expand the functionality of the website to meet their growing needs.

Just like a baby, that new website won’t magically take care of itself. 

Every website needs an ongoing support and maintenance plan. With a support and maintenance plan, you can be confident that your site is updated periodically to keep it protected against security vulnerabilities. Your organization or business is in a constant state of growth and because of that, your requirements adapt to those new needs. Support and maintenance plans ensure you will have someone to help you plan for, and implement, additional functionality as needed.

Hook 42 realizes the importance of continuing to nurture and support websites after launch. We discuss support and maintenance with our clients for every project. Whether you need just a little support or a lot, we can tailor a support and maintenance plan that works best for you.

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