Whether you are improving an existing site, overhauling for a big upgrade, tuning for SEO performance, sanity checking with site audits, or requiring multilingual sites built from scratch, we can help you out.  Our team of experienced content strategists and web application specialists are here to help.

Hook 42 is a talented team of Drupal Architects & Developers who work with you to create industry standard Drupal sites that meet your business needs. Read more about Full-service Drupal Development

Upgrade or Migrate? There is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The answer depends on your project. We are more than happy to discuss your options. Read more about Drupal Migrations and Upgrades

We know your content is complex, but managing it shouldn't have to be! Regardless of your project's size, we put your pages, posts, and data under a microscope to better understand what makes your content tick. Then, we develop a unique information architecture so creating, editing, and distributing your content is a breeze. Read more about Content Strategy and Architecture

It may be a small world, but there are a lot of languages. Although English has long been the primary language of the internet, the landscape is shifting as the global community comes online. If your business works internationally or within a community with a large number of non-English speakers, going multilingual might be the best strategy for your website to reach all your potential users. At Hook 42, we can configure your existing Drupal website for multilingual support or build one from the ground up. Read more about Multilingual Drupal Installations

Making your site easily visible to search engines is an incredibly important step of your site design and development. Search engines are the masters - so to make sure your site serves you well, you have to play by their rules. To give your site the best shot at being seen by Google & friends, you need to optimize your site for the search engines. Read more about SEO / Search Engine Optimization

Every website connects with a human. Our design team creates the most appropriate experience to connect your website with your humans. Read more about Design & User Experience

Are Drupal and web marketing new to you? We help you define and prioritize your business objectives, then create an execution plan that meets your needs. Read more about Strategic Business Consulting

Harness the power of your web content using leading search technology platforms such as Elasticsearch, Solr, Cludo, and Drupal core search engines. Read more about Search Technology Consulting

Building the process, tools, and environment for rapid and predictable development will help speed your business initiative's time to market. Our team can help efficiently scale development efforts for the most complex technology stacks and large teams of contributors while keeping the budget in check and the release train moving! Read more about Development Operations (DevOps)

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