Daniel Rose

"Do or do not, there is no try." 

~ Yoda

Daniel Rose family in union square in SF
Daniel Rose in the city

Daniel Rose

Drupal Developer

I’m a Developer at Hook 42. I love contributing and giving back to the Drupal community. Not only is it a great way to connect with others in the community, it’s also a great way to learn and get experience.

I’ve worked in the military, healthcare, and law enforcement, but no matter what I was doing career-wise, I was always fascinated with computers. It was actually my training in computer forensics while working in law enforcement that made me realize I wanted to be working in tech.

While working on my BS degree, I started working in computer repair as an Apple Certified Mac Technician. As I was finishing my degree, my interest in web development grew. After realizing I wanted to pursue web development, I started searching for ways into the industry. Eventually, I landed a job as a web designer at a higher ed institution using Drupal. This began my journey with Drupal in April of 2014.

Aside from Drupal, I love nothing more than spending time with my wonderful wife and kid. We love traveling and trying to stay active in our local community. I’m also a FIRST Lego League coach which gives me the opportunity to teach kids how to program Lego robots.

Coffee • Traveling • Hockey • Programming • STEM • Legos