Genevieve Parker

Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out of it alive.

~ Elbert Hubbard

Genevieve Parker doing yoga in front of a waterfall
Genevieve Parker

Genevieve Parker

Operations Manager

I joined Hook 42 in late 2014. Since then my role has gone through a couple evolutions. As the resident non-developer, I work alongside Aimee and Kristen to keep the wheels turning, the lights on, and the team happy.

My introduction to the Drupal community came with my introduction to Hook 42. I received a BA in Film & Digital Media from UCSC (Go Slugs!), and received my MFA in Photography from Academy of Art. I have worked in office administration at a variety of small to medium sized companies - ranging from architecture firms to clothing manufacturers/designers.

Outside of work life here at Hook 42, I am ballroom dancer (I competed for 7 years, but recently have turned my eye to teaching and doing it for "fun"), a certified yoga teacher, and a professional photographer. VIsual and Performing Arts are high on the list of my loves in life.

Ballroom Dance • Photography • Sunsets & Oceans • Vegetarian Food • Chocolate • Avocados