Jeff Mahoney

Think of the solution, not the problem.

~ Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander

Jeff overlooking Hollister hills ORV park
Jeff Mahoney in the city

Jeff Mahoney

Senior Drupal Developer

I am a Solutions Architect and Senior Drupal Developer at Hook 42.

The web is a passion of mine. It gives people all over the world the power to communicate instantly with each other. I've been intrigued by the web ever since finding out about it. I also enjoy site architecture, content strategy, user experience / design, quality assurance, technical management, migration, Solr, training and documentation, maintenance, and security.

I have been coding since 1995, and have been dedicated to Drupal since 2009. I like building modern complex websites. Drupal is my foundation; my platform for creating cyber tools that help individuals and teams achieve their goals. Most of my workday is spent reading and writing code which extends Drupal.

I enjoy hanging out with my wife and ninja cat, riding motorcycles, contributing to free software projects, playing music, and eating burritos of almost any kind.

Motorcycles • Music • Pacific Ocean • Camping • Backyard BBQs • Coffee