Multilingual Drupal Installations

It may be a small world, but there are a lot of languages. Although English has long been the primary language of the internet, the landscape is shifting as the global community comes online. If your business works internationally or within a community with a large number of non-English speakers, going multilingual might be the best strategy for your website to reach all your potential users. At Hook 42, we can configure your existing Drupal website for multilingual support or build one from the ground up.

Making a Drupal website handle multiple languages might not seem too difficult; however, making sure all the modules work in harmony can be quite tricky. Not only do you need to install a large number of additional community modules, you often need to update existing modules and custom code as well.

For multilingual projects, we focus on:
  1. Identifying what content needs translation and what does not.
  2. Understanding your short-term and long-term translation needs.
  3. Installing and configuring the right modules to do the job.
  4. Updating custom code to allow text to be translatable.
  5. Facilitating content entry and manual translation processes.

Updating an existing site might be straightforward or extremely hard depending on your Drupal site architecture. We can do a site audit to assess the difficulty level.

Contact us about your multilingual Drupal site requirements.