The City was Windy, The Community Still Showed Up

MidCamp Image

MidCamp is one of those camps that never disappoints. The event pushes boundaries for our community, helps us connect, and challenges us to grow personally and professionally, technically and communally. 2019 was no exception.

First, my thanks go out to the small but mighty group of organizers, Kevin Thull, Andrea Soper, Avi Schwab, JD Flynn, Doug Dobrzynski, and to the countless volunteers that made the event possible. As always, a huge thank you to the sponsors, for which the event would not have occurred.

Sessions That Engage

The event began with a thought-provoking keynote from Fatima Khalid about first-hand accounts of privilege and diversity. It’s important that we, as a community, challenge ourselves to not only acknowledge, but actively support others with empathy and understanding.

The sessions that followed the keynote, we’re also engaging and informative. The sessions were varied and covered topics from the human side of things to the technical. Some of the standouts for me were:

You can check out all of the sessions from MidCamp on

Showcasing Improvements & Planning

I was given the opportunity to present a community case study on Not only did I share the history, and current state, but I also shared the exciting future roadmap. I was very happy to announce two new sponsorships: TugboatQA (container backend) and Centarro (commerce demo framework). I’m grateful for these new beginnings.

Coffee at MidCamp

Beyond Development

The social events, including the famous food truck and board game evening, were wonderful! These events are always a great time to connect with both new and familiar faces in a relaxing and fun setting.

Last but most certainly not least, we did a Drupal Coffee Exchange! What’s web development without coffee? If we’ve ever met, you know I love my coffee so, of course, I spent most mornings getting nitro cold brew from Stan’s Donuts or walking to Colectivo Coffee.

Community Focus

The event concluded with an excellent contribution day which had something for everyone. There was a first-time contributors workshop, several identified initiatives - such as the Umami demo, the Claro theme and efforts for Drupal 9 readiness. I personally worked on the Tugboat QA integration for and give many thanks to Benji Fisher for his help on that. Many Drupal 9 deprecation issues were created for contributed modules that I help maintain. Mike Lutz was able to organize previous work done to get passing tests on patches for a Symfony 4 upgrade, which paves the way for a more future proof and modernized Drupal core. All of the participants made a significant impact on the Drupal project. I’m happy to be part of such a great community!

The time I was able to spend with the community has a positive impact both personally and professionally. It gives me energy and helps me see first hand how everyone in our community comes together to help. I'm already looking forward to MidCamp next year.


Credit // MidCamp Flickr for Main Image

Credit // Coffee Exchange image courtesy of EDUCO.