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So long, and thanks for all the fish!

It's a very sad week for us at Hook 42. COVID-19 has hit our clients and our families hard, and we regret to announce that we're closing up shop at the end of the month.

Hook 42 has been driven by our core values since we started in 2012: honesty, quality, community, ongoing improvement, work/life balance, and humor. We've loved being part of the open source community, in particular, the Drupal community all these years. We will always have fond memories of working with an amazing team, great clients, and wonderful community members.

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Successfully Migrating Bad Data in Drupal

There’s bad data everywhere, but nowhere is it more insidious than when you encounter it for the first time while trying to migrate a website. Bad data, in this case, is defined as any data that doesn’t conform to the expectations of the migrator and their code, whether that’s because of bad data entry, surprising contextual requirements, or historical changes in value patterns. It can come at you from a variety of directions and can have surprising origins.

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So You Need to Update to Drupal 8.8.x?

Welcome! If you need to update your Drupal 8 site to the latest feature branch, this post is for you. 

Drupal 8.8.0 introduced many exciting changes. On the heels of this release, we also saw a security release for Drupal 8.8.1, which covers four distinct security advisories (SAs). Drupal 8.7.11 also has fixes for those SAs, but developers might consider this a golden opportunity to take care of both updates at once.

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Looking Back, Looking Forward: DrupalCamp NJ, 2020

The Central NJ Drupal Group hosts one of my favorite Drupal camps in the northeast, and this year’s DrupalCamp NJ was no exception.

Location, Location, Location

Princeton University uses Drupal heavily, and gives back to the community by hosting the monthly Web Developers Central NJ Meetup and the annual camp.

This year’s camp was held in a new location, which will give us room to grow in the future. It is also closer to Princeton’s beautiful main campus.

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DrupalCamp NJ Recap January 30 to February 1, 2020

How to use Hooks for building Drupal 8 themes

For this article, we enlisted front end developer, Abby Milberg, to give us a little inspiration for Drupal 8 theme building. Abby is the expert here, so I'll let her take it away.

What is a preprocess function?

A preprocess function creates or modifies variables and render arrays (arrays of data structured in specific ways that Drupal knows how to render as HTML) before they’re rendered and/or passed to a template.

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A Beginners Quest to Exploring React Native with Drupal

My goal in this post is to explore creating a Drupal powered mobile app with React Native. With no prior experience with React Native or React JS myself, this is truly an exploratory quest. I do have some experience with Angular 2-7 and AngularJS before it, so I admit I might have some more familiarity with concepts and code structure. 

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How to Streamline Update Hooks Using the Batch API

When maintaining a Drupal 8 site in production, it’s often necessary to make changes within the site’s database, specifically when it comes to modifying settings or data that is not handled by Drupal’s YAML file-based configuration management API. Some common examples of settings or data not handled by the configuration management API include the following:

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Attending DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019

With another DrupalCon wrapped up, it always takes some time for everything experienced to coalesce, and a couple of weeks after getting back from Amsterdam, I was thinking about the major takeaways this time round.

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