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Drupal Core Initiative Meetings Recap - May 2019

Our lead community developer, Alona Oneill, has been sitting in on the latest Drupal Core Initiative meetings and putting together meeting recaps outlining key talking points from each discussion. This article breaks down highlights from meetings this past May. Check back for frequent meeting recaps to gather insights on the latest Drupal Core developments and find ways to get involved.
Drupal Core Meetings May 2019 Recap

Drupaldelphia: The Jawn That Never Disappoints

This past week I had the pleasure of attending Drupaldelphia, a great event that is part of Philadelphia Tech Week. This helped introduce the Drupal community to a broader audience from the Philadelphia area. It was nice to see new attendees curious to learn about Drupal and what we’re doing. It was a pleasure to be able to meet, and greet, many of these individuals throughout the event.
Drupaldelphia logo in philadelphia city skyline

Welcoming Kris: Starting Anew at Hook 42

I first joined Hook 42 in April of 2019. Now I know that doesn’t seem like very long but I feel like I’ve been a part of the team for quite some time. Before Hook 42, I worked in retail for nine years, managing both the floor and the back office. I worked with computers every so often, handled money and deposits, and I helped customers with their wants and needs, all with a smile on my face. My experiences have led me to Hook 42, as the new Bookkeeper and Office Manager.

Headshot of kris

GAAD – What Is It And How Do I Participate?

GAAD is short for Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Every year on the third Thursday of May, our community comes together to help raise awareness for accessibility everywhere. The objective is to make accessibility mainstream by keeping the conversations relevant and informative within our community.
GAAD Thursday May 16 2019

Stanford Web Camp 2019

At Stanford Web Camp, attendees and presenters alike will discuss a variety of aspects of the web through design and development. As part of this discussion Hook 42’s Aimee Degnan will be giving two separate talks focusing on accessibility and SiteBuilding.
Stanford University Exterior Hallway

Community, Development and Leadership at DrupalCon 2019

It’s been almost a month since DrupalCon 2019. We can’t believe how time flies! While we were there, we had a variety of things going on at many different levels. Just as fast as the time since DrupalCon has flown past us, our time in Seattle felt like a tiny blip.
View of space needle from inside chihuly garden

Did Someone Say Drupaldelphia? Philly Philly!

Hook 42 is heading to Philadelphia for Drupaldelphia. Not only are we proud to be sponsoring such a wonderful event, we’re excited to announce that our very own Adam Bergstein will be giving two separate talks this year.
Philly! Philly!

We’re Following the Yellow Brick Road...to Emerald City

Look out for Hook 42 at DrupalCon 2019 in Seattle!

It’s that time again, another DrupalCon is fast approaching and our team couldn’t be more excited for this year’s Seattle event. We’ve got a lot in store for you this year, from presentations, BOFs, sponsorships, partnership collaborations, and using our listening ears. You’ll find our team distributed all about.

We’re bringing a stacked line-up of knowledge and experiences to drop on 'ya this year. Not only that, we’re looking forward to hearing all the ups and downs you’ve had this past year, and how we’re all growing together within the Drupal community. 

Let’s get to sharing!

DrupalCon 2019 logo

Today We Celebrate International Women’s Day

As a women-owned business, we understand the importance of empowering our fellow ladies. Not only that, but we want to foster inclusivity, including trans individuals and those who identify outside of the gender binary as part of our celebration.

Boss Ladies Have Balance #BalanceForBetter #IWD2019