Drupal Core Initiative Meetings Recap - October 28 - November 01, 2019

Drupal Core Meetings October 2019 Week 5 Recap

As our team continues to contribute to the Drupal community, we've been attending a variety of Drupal Core meetings. After each meeting we put together an overview or recap of key talking points from each discussion, or provide recaps given after the meeting to have all in one place. This article breaks down highlights from meetings this past week.

You'll find that the meetings, while also providing updates of completed tasks, are also conversations looking for community member involvement. There are many moving pieces as things are getting ramped up for Drupal 9, so if you see something you think you can provide assistance on, we encourage you to get involved.

This past week, with DrupalCon Amsterdam in full swing, we had the majority of the meetings cancelled, so the only update we have this week is from Benji's attendance at the Migration meeting. We hope everyone had a great time in Amsterdam!

Migration Meeting

October 31, 2019

This meeting:

  • Is for core migrate maintainers and developers and anybody else in the community with an interest in migrations
  • Usually happens every Thursday and alternates between 1400 and 2100 UTC.
  • Is done over chat.
  • Happens in threads, which you can follow to be notified of new replies even if you don’t comment in the thread. You may also join the meeting later and participate asynchronously!
  • Has a public agenda anyone can add to here.

We reviewed the issues marked Needs Review (NR). It was a quiet meeting, but: