#EachforEqual - Celebrating International Women's Day

Collage of women showing equal symbol with their arms with phrases equality, empower, challenge, and enable surrounding them

International Women’s Day (IWD) has a very important place on our calendars at Hook 42. Being a woman-owned business, we’re constantly striving for gender equality, and even more so within an industry that is predominantly male-dominated. 

So how do we continue to push for equality? 

We speak up when we see things that are out of place, we strive for balance in the workplace, we fill the community with women who can make an impact, and celebrate the achievements of other women in the industry - in and outside of our office.

While Hook 42 was started with the intent to have full control over equality and opportunity in the workplace, there is so much more to do outside of our doors. In our community, we are proud to sponsor Women In Drupal at DrupalCon to expand our reach and lift up, support, and honor the women who are fighting to make a change with us. We know that isn't enough though - that's just the beginning.

It takes a village. Support the women you work with, the women you love, support those who identify as a woman, make sure everyone understands the importance of equality everywhere. As the theme of IWD this year suggests, an equal world is an enabled world, and we can’t do that alone.

Together, each one of us can contribute to a world that has no bias. We can choose to challenge stereotypes and embrace change. We can all use our voices, via whatever platform we have, to advocate for others to do the same.

Older woman showing equal symbol with arms with hashtag Each For Equal, image from IWD website, graphic made by hook 42