Hook 42 in the Windy City!

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We are excited to have Adam Bergstein joining our team as Vice President of Engineering! Better yet? He’ll be speaking at the upcoming Midwest Drupal Camp in Chicago about his journey from engineer to technical leader.

MidCamp is March 8th - 11th, 2018 at DePaul University Lincoln Park Campus, Chicago.


My Journey to Understanding Technical Leadership
Adam Bergstein | Saturday, March 10th, 2:45pm to 3:45pm | Room 314A

Great technologists often rise through the ranks, assuming responsibilities that go beyond just delivering technical work. This talk reflects on my journey from an engineer to leading teams. I’ll talk about what I’ve learned, how I learned it, and share my evolving thoughts on technical leadership. I share my perspective on topics like business awareness, servant leadership, failing fast, taking calculated risks, data-driven decision making, promoting pragmatism, and sharing a vision. I discuss my opinions on pragmatism and the balance between technical innovation and practical problem solving in daily work. And, lastly, I share pro tips for leaders I’ve learned from experience, including empathy, listening, limiting ego, and teaching. Attendees can expect to hear my findings on empowering technical teams that strive to better meet the needs of people they serve.


Sunday Sprints will take place in Room 314B, with room for 60 people. Free tickets are available, but be sure to register, so they know how much food and fun to provide.

Sprints are a great place to connect with other members of the Drupal community and give something back to the project. You may even find yourself working alongside some of the module maintainers.