Hook 42's Sessions, BoFs, and Events at DrupalCon Baltimore

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Charm City here we come! Hook 42 is on their way to DrupalCon Baltimore!

DrupalCon Baltimore will be here before we know it, and the Hook 42 team is thrilled to be presenting four sessions this year! Aimee, Kristen Pol, and Kristin Bradham (K2) are ready to share their knowledge on Drupal 8 theming and view modes, worst practices, and migrations (alongside our friend Ryan Weal). 

Along with our sessions, we are helping organize and host a couple of other events! We are excited to be helping plan this year’s Business Summit, as well as continuing our sponsorship of Women in Drupal!


Business Summit

Monday, April 24th from 9AM to 5 PM 

Join us for a candid peer discussion and to network with other Drupal business executives. We'll share best practices, tips for staying relevant in a fast moving market, how to collaborate and compete, and tools for generating value for your business. During a combination of workshops, round table discussions, and a cocktail networking hour, you will create strong connections with your peers in the community.

Social Events

Drupal is as much about the community as it is about the technical and the business. Some of the best conversations happens away from the convention center. This year we continue our support of another event that helps foster diversity in Drupal: Women In Drupal. As a women-owned company, of course we want to support gender diversity in the field!

Women In Drupal

Tuesday, April 25th from 6:00 - 8:00 PM | Luckie's Tavern | 10 Market Pl, Baltimore, MD 21202

The Women in Drupal team invite you to come, meet, and mingle with other women in Drupal. With only about 20% of DrupalCon who identify as women, we know it can feel lonely when you are walking around the event, especially if this is your first DrupalCon. Our goal is to foster inclusivity and embrace the involvement of individuals across the gender spectrum.

Who Should Attend:

  • Women 
  • Trans* individuals
  • Those who identify outside of the gender binary
  • And allies


This year we have a total of 4 sessions at DrupalCon! Although Kristin Bradham (K2) has presented at many camps before, this is her first DrupalCon presentation and we know it will be a great one! We are also excited that we get to collaborate with our friend Ryan Weal, and share our combined knowledge about migrations.

Setting up a Front End Development Environment for Drupal 8

Tuesday, April 25th at 11:45 AM | Kristin Bradham | Room 309

Modern theming is getting more and more complex. This session will walk you through the steps to setup your theme development environment in Drupal 8. Topics will include many of the standard things that you need to do to set up a new theming environment in Drupal 8, so you don't have to work it out yourself!

Topics Covered:

  • Frontend Ops Tools like Gulp and Composer
  • Twig templates and debugging Twig
  • Drupal settings files like settings.php and services.yml
  • Theme settings in .yml files

Understanding the Dark Side: An Analysis of Drupal (and Other) Worst Practices

Wednesday April 26th at 2:15 PM | Kristen Pol | Room 309

We all make mistakes. Making mistakes helps us learn and grow and do better work. But, sometimes we don't even realize we are "doing it wrong" until someone points it out. This session is a collection of some worst practices that are pretty common in the Drupal world and beyond. If you don't know what "hacking core" is or why you shouldn't do it, this is the session for you!
We will cover worst practices in Drupal and web development in general within:

  • Devops
  • Architecture
  • Security
  • Coding
  • Maintenance

and more...

Planning & Managing Migrations

Wednesday April 26th at 1:00 PM | Aimee Degnan and Ryan Weal | Room 320

Drupal 8 is great! Yay! Now it’s time to migrate!

There are many moving parts in a migration project compared to a new website build. Ensure your migration is a success with these architectural guidelines, helpful planning tools, and lessons learned.

The Order of Operations is important in migration projects. Keeping excellent, detailed documentation of each phase of migration is tantamount to success. These migration projects can be lengthy. Working in an efficient manner will provide your team the fitness to complete the project!

Topics Covered:

  • Types of migrations (Single Pass, Incremental, Hybrid).
  • Major phases of a migration project.
  • Planning efforts and documentation created for each phase.
  • Architectural considerations to migration - content, infrastructure, etc.
  • What migration support is provided “out of the box” and what is “custom development”?
  • Role-specific considerations, tools, and needs.
  • Gotchas, facepalms, and “remember tos”.

Harness the Power of View Modes

Wednesday April 26th at 3:45 | Aimee Degnan | Room 316

View Modes are the site-building glue that brings your content strategy, design, media strategy, and UX development together to actually create your web displays.

View Modes have been in Drupal for some time, but what do they really do? Why are they so powerful? With Drupal 8, View Modes are now even more relevant with the standardization of Entity and Field management across entity types.

Think beyond the Teaser and harness the power of View Modes!

Topics Covered:

  • View Modes in core:
    • Anatomy of a view mode.
    • Common applications of view modes across entity types.
    • View modes and media (media entities and file displays!).
    • What the “Default” view mode does vs. Full Content.
  • Architecting View Modes for your site:
    • Planning your View Mode + Content + UX + Component Library strategy.
    • Interacting with layout solutions. (Panels / Display Suite / Views)
    • Extending view modes in code.
  • Lessons Learned with View Modes:
    • Interactions of view modes across entity types.
    • Naming is important. What does “Teaser” really mean?!
    • But why can’t I use that view mode?!

Immediately following Aimee’s presentation is a BoF to continue the discussion and answer any questions. 

Birds of a Feather

Harness the power of View Modes - Follow-up deep dive discussion

Wednesday April 26th at 5:00 PM | Aimee Degnan | Room 306

Let's talk about the use and abuse of View Modes in D7 and D8.

See you in Baltimore, hon! ;)

Come and say “hello!” to the team. Sit in on our discussions and BoFs, visit us at Women in Drupal, and come collaborate at the Business Summit