Managing Relationships - SFDug Presentation

Drawing of a storefront

Aimee Degnan and Jordan Koplowicz facilitate a conversation about managing relationships between freelancers, vendors, shops and clients. 

Jordan and I had never met before this presentation, but I'm so glad we did.  Since the topic was greater than just the two of us, we structured the DUG is part presentation and part conversation with the attendees so we can all share and learn from each other. 

It was wonderful to explore the characteristics of successful work relationships and convey how to identify symptoms of a less-than-optimal engagement, and some best practices for you to be a professional partner in a project. 

Presentation Overview:

Building web sites isn't just about Drupal. Web projects are people working together towards a common goal – creating a web site. For money.

Collaboration across clients, vendors / agencies, freelancers, employees, and subcontractors can be very successful, completely adequate, or a complete and utter nightmare. It can get even crazier when you toss money into the equation. 

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