Development Operations (DevOps)

Building the process, tools, and environment for rapid and predictable development will help speed your business initiative's time to market. Our team can help efficiently scale development efforts for the most complex technology stacks and large teams of contributors while keeping the budget in check and the release train moving!

Our team combines best practices in project management, process efficiency, development standards, and automated testing to ensure your site is stable while it undergoes its evolution over time.

The project management and process improvement experts have customized workflows and tools to fit your business needs, weather they are "light and tight" or large-scale enterprise in nature. Our team has many Certified ScrumMasters and Certified Scrum Product Owners that can help tune your product roadmap, prioritize work, and enable the implementation teams to quickly execute change. We've done rich customizations of Jira, Confluence, and other leading project management and collaboration platforms.

Infrastructure management is a true love of ours and we've worked with many platforms that support pre-production and production environments. We automate pre-production environment creation and leverage Continuous Integration (CI) tools to create a seamless connection between people and systems.