Drupal Core Initiative Meetings Recap - July 1st-5th, 2019

Drupal Core Meetings July Week 1 Recap

Our lead community developer, Alona Oneill, breaks down highlights from Drupal Core Initiative Meetings this past week. You'll find that the meetings, while also providing updates of completed tasks, are also conversations looking for community member involvement. There are many moving pieces as things are getting ramped up for Drupal 9, so if you see something you think you can provide insights on, we encourage you to get involved.

Out of the box initiative meeting (07/02/19)

At this meeting we spoke with the developers at Blackfire.

  • We have a working account with Blackfire to try out Umami,
  • Also tried New Relic - which showed that search indexing is taking a long time,
  • Can we change how Umami installs so that long steps can be skipped to save time?

Issues to work on this week:

Admin UI meeting (07/03/19)

Meetings are for core and contributed project developers as well as people who have integrations and services related to core. 

  • Usually happens every other Wednesday at 2:30pm UTC.
  • Is done over chat.
  • Happens in threads, which you can follow to be notified of new replies even if you don’t comment in the thread. You may also join the meeting later and participate asynchronously!
  • There are roughly 5-10 minutes between topics for those who are multitasking to follow along.
  • the agenda is public and anyone can add new topics *in the document*.

Dialog Issue

  • Dialog style issue.
  • Issues in the core.
  • Proposed the idea that we would try to do research on dialog solutions in Claro and replace jQuery UI dialog with something in our scope of work. An a11y maintainer didn’t like the recommendation and after doing some more research on this it feels like very hard because we might not be able to keep BC at least 100%.

Claro Alpha 4 Goals

Documentation to Work On

  • We should open an issue for tracking our plans for alpha releases, as well as beta and Roadmap.
  • There is supporting documentation for Claro here.
  • Strategic-initiatives needs to be updated.
  • The Proposal to use PostCSS for Claro in core.
  • Design sprint at DrupalCon Europe:
    • Several designers will attend the event, so some would like to have a sprint or focused BoFs.
  • Editor role:
    • We are still missing part of the `Define the new set of permissions` before we can create the patch.
  • Vertical tabs:
    • Mobile design is troublesome, because they are not vertical anymore and behave like the details element. The problem on the design here is that we can't have vertical tabs in small devices, they need to be one  below the other. And we can't have the title above and the content 5 tabs later after all the titles.