Fun in the Sun at Drupal Camp LA 2017

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We are keeping busy this summer! Immediately following Drupal Govcon we are sending Aimee and AmyJune to Drupal Camp Los Angeles. Fun in the sun while doing the Drups'.

Come find us at our sessions, panels, or in the hall to pick up some cool stickers and pleasant conversation.


Please check the DrupalCamp LA sessions schedule for more details about times and locations as they become available.

Dred(itor) the Issue Queue? Don't - It's Simple(lytest) to Git in!

AmyJune Hineline | MDEA | 3:45 PM


Every newbie dreams of being a contributor to the Drupal project. But where do you begin? And more importantly, what are some of the tools to help navigate the adventure successfully? In this session, we will go over a couple of the gadgets necessary for working in the Drupal issue queue when being a novice. We will also have a lightning round demonstrating the process of creating an issue, writing a patch, uploading the fix to, and then reviewing the patch for RTBC.

Tools of the trade: -

  • What is And how does it make life easy?
  • Evaluating a module and its dependencies
  • Applying a patch
  • Uploading new modules to current test site

Git Client -

  • Why use a Git client versus only using Command line
  • How to create a branch and properly name it for the issue
  • Committing changes to the repository
  • Creating a patch

Dreditor -

  • What is Dreditor?
  • Installing Dreditor and a quick demo of functionality
  • How does it help in the issue queue?

Planning & Managing Migrations

Aimee Degnan | ET 201 | 5:00 PM

Drupal 8 is great! Yay! Now it’s time to migrate!

There are many moving parts in a migration project compared to a new website build. Ensure your migration is a success with these architectural guidelines, helpful planning tools, and lessons learned.

The Order of Operations is important in migration projects. Keeping excellent, detailed documentation of each phase of migration is tantamount to success. These migration projects can be lengthy. Working in an efficient manner will provide your team the fitness to complete the project!

Topics Covered:

  • Types of migrations (Single Pass, Incremental, Hybrid).
  • Major phases of a migration project.
  • Planning efforts and documentation created for each phase.
  • Architectural considerations to migration - content, infrastructure, etc.
  • What migration support is provided “out of the box” and what is “custom development”?
  • Role-specific considerations, tools, and needs.
  • Gotchas, facepalms, and “remember tos”.

What level of knowledge should you have coming into this session?

  • Be familiar with basic Drupal terminology, such as: a node, content type, and field.
  • Understand simple project management concepts such as: resources, dependencies, tasks, and estimation.
  • Have a passion for (or fear of) juicy migration projects.

What will your session accomplish?

  • Prepare the community for Drupal 8 migrations!
  • Identify key success and failure points within migration projects.
  • Provide tools for project managers and development teams to plan and architect migrations.

What will attendees walk away having learned?

  • Understand the scope of a migration project.
  • Terminology and concepts to communicate with management and development teams.
  • Practical samples of migration planning documents.
  • How much time and money can be wasted if a migration isn't well planned and documented.

Harness the Power of View Modes

Aimee Degnan | ECT 123 | 2:15 PM

View Modes are the site-building glue that brings your content strategy, design, media strategy, and UX development together to actually create your web displays.

View Modes have been in Drupal for some time, but what do they really do? Why are they so powerful? With Drupal 8, View Modes are now even more relevant with the standardization of Entity and Field management across entity types.

Think beyond the Teaser and harness the power of View Modes!

Topics Covered:

  • View Modes in core:
    • Anatomy of a view mode.
    • Common applications of view modes across entity types.
    • View modes and media (media entities and file displays!).
    • What the “Default” view mode does vs. Full Content.
  • Architecting View Modes for your site:
    • Planning your View Mode + Content + UX + Component Library strategy.
    • Interacting with layout solutions. (Panels / Display Suite / Views)
    • Extending view modes in code.
  • Lessons Learned with View Modes:
    • Interactions of view modes across entity types.
    • Naming is important. What does “Teaser” really mean?!
    • But why can’t I use that view mode?!

What level of knowledge should you have?

This session listed as "Beginner", but the concepts and information can be applied to more advanced architectures.

  • Coming as a Site-Builder? You should know how to create content types and have reordered fields on "Manage Display" at least once.
  • Are you a project manager or designer? Be familiar with basic Drupal terminologies like a node, content type, and field.
  • Are you a Drupal Developer? You know enough to join this session. :)

What will This session accomplish?

  • Share with the community that there can be more than just Full Content and Teaser.
  • Provide tools for Site Builders to create powerful displays with little or no coding.
  • Explain why View Modes are a powerful tool in your Drupal tool chest.

What will attendees walk away having learned?

  • Terminology and concepts to connect design, content, and technical execution.
  • View Modes applied to different entities may mean different things.
  • Practical knowledge to apply for their own site extension.
  • Layers of View Modes can and will interact with each other. Layering must be deliberate.

By Role:

  • Project Managers: Understand that View Mode creation and extension requires effort which you need to include in planning.
  • Content Strategy / Analysts: How do view modes interact with content and functionality through the site.
  • Designers: The language and concepts to communicate your design vision to the development team.
  • Site Builders: Build what they are asked by the design and project management team. :)
  • Drupal Developers: Understand why all these non-coders on your team have created View Modes when you are asked to help possibly extend their displays. :D

Panel Discussions:

Finding a Work-family Balance as a Drupal Professional

Rain Breaw Michaels, with panelists AmyJune Hineline, Oliver Seldman, and Steve Rifkin | MDEA | 10:15 AM

This session is meant to be a panel discussion to help

  • New parents navigating work/family life
  • Soon to be parents who intend to continue working
  • Drupal business owners hoping to retain team members transitioning into family life

It is possible to do both. It is awesome to be able to do both. But it is not easy, and should not be attempted in a vacuum.
Another important note: this description talks about parenthood, but the session is really about being a caregiver and a professional, which is not limited to parenthood and children.

Fostering Diversity in the Professional Drupal Community

Rain Breaw Michaels, with panelists Aimee Degnan, Zakiya Khabir, Ashok Modi | MDEA | 1:00PM

A panel discussion about how to foster diversity and inclusion in the professional Drupal community. This is intended to be an honest conversation about where our industry is today, how it is doing well, how it can be doing better, the resources available, and the cultural or practical realities holding us back, as well as solutions for overcoming them. Diversity and inclusion refers to all levels of difference, including gender, race, physical ability, age, religion, etc.

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(HINT: You might find AmyJune at the beer track as well!)