The Happy Box

smile emoji placed over person handing hook 42 swag box to another person

There have been two outstanding times where I have been brought to tears of joy in the creation of Hook 42.

Both times are the result of someone creating a tangible visual representation of Hook 42's personality. The creation was something so fitting to the vision, that deep in my soul I realized that someone understands the vision enough to expand on it, improve it, make it more than just an idea, and can help convey the message to others.

The first time was when Joe To did the first doodle sketch of Kristen and me together.

red sketch of kristen with hand on hip standing next to aimee with glasses

Seeing that picture at the beginning of our journey really showed us as an approachable, friendly, different-from-others team ready to help our customers, team, and community. It was the cornerstone of our branding for many years and is a wonderful part of the Hook 42 story. The subsequent logo and doodle work grew from that seed and idea.

The second time was last night when I opened the Hook 42 swag box with my husband and son.

open box displaying h42 branded tshirt socks and notebook

As I unpacked all the items, I started to tear up. They both asked what was wrong and the answer was “Nothing! This is a wonderful surprise and an example of our team doing great work!” I had a limited idea of what was in the box, so it was as big of a surprise to me as to everyone else.

“The SWAG Box” was put together by Lindsey Gemmill and Ryan Nelson by request from the owners to do something for the team, both new and existing members, to show our appreciation. Getting this box together and out to the team wasn’t straight forward. From what I know, it had a lot of “interesting adventures” and was quite a bit of work. Ryan and Lindsey kept most - if not all - of the dirty details under wraps so it wouldn’t burden Kristen and me as we were doing Other Things. Thank you for just Taking Care of Things.

Lindsey, working with just a seed of thought and some ideas kicked around led the charge and created a wonderful package that conveys our fun and friendly feeling in the most wonderful way. The work was an extension of her amazing rebranding efforts before DrupalCon last year. Everything included is useful and not wasteful. The art and branding are fun and approachable and not overbearing so we are not branded like cattle.

It was a sample of what an individual, and the team, can do when enabled to execute on a vision. Thank you again, Lindsey, for helping the team express who we are in a meaningful and glorious way. 

Dang, where are my tissues…