Hook 42 at Drupaldelphia 2018

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As part of Philly Tech Week this year, Drupaldelphia expanded their scope to include topics like Drupal, Agile, JavaScript (Node.js, Angular, React), case studies, and many more!!

Boomeranging back to Pennsylvania from DrupalCon Nashville, Adam Bergstein will be attending and presenting this year at Philadelphia's premier Drupal Camp.

Can we figure this Drupal Component thing out already?

Our community has seen the rise of countless solutions to implement design systems and components within Drupal. What have we learned? 

This talk shares a perspective on one set of best practices our community should strive to achieve. A future vision will be presented that articulates currently known limitations and presents a path forward. To successfully work toward this goal, and to know when we should embark on this journey, we’ll need to review:

  • Currently known limitations and the appropriate use of core and contributed solutions
  • Recent initiatives like Layout and emerging technology like Web Components
  • What we can learn from other CMS systems like Gutenberg  

To read more about Adam's session and to find out the location and time, visit the session page: Can we figure this Drupal Component thing out already?