Hook 42 at Stanford Camp 2017

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It's that time of the year again! Time to connect in the South Bay! Stanford Camp is happening March 10th & 11th and will be here before we know it. 

Hook 42 Drupal Sessions

Hook 42 has been gearing up and this year Aimee, Kristin and Lindsay have a variety of topics they will be sharing at Stanford. Lindsay will be gitting us ready for Git, Kristin will help us navigate creating more advanced views in Drupal 8, and Aimee will eliminate our fear of Features in Drupal 8 followed by a session to discuss some of the finer nuances of migrations.

On Your Mark, Git Set, Go!

Lindsay is thrilled to be presenting her first solo session at Stanford Camp. She will be discussing Git, demystifying how Git actually works, and explaining its magical powers through the command line interface. This conversation will be ideal for beginners in the Dev/DevOps track and for anyone using Git but doesn't really understand what's going on.

On Your Mark, Git Set, Go!: Saturday, March 11, 2017 at 10:00 AM - Let's go over the jargon and basic setup of git in a safe space. Git is a magical gift from Linus Torvalds, but it also a monster that needs its occasional blood sacrifice. Let's git the basics down (head, rebase, pull, push, branches, repository, remote, merge, stash, cherry-pick, conflicts, and more!). We can git through this together!

Make a View with K2!

Last year K2 brought us Conversational Drupal: A Crash Course in Drupal Jargon and this time around she is going to help us create a view in Drupal 8. This session is great for intermediate developers who have made and used basic views but want to learn more. This is intended to help developers sharpen their skills with views and provide tips & tricks to create views quickly.

Make a View with K2


Make a View with K2!: Saturday, March 11, 2017 at 10:00 AM - Views are now a part of core in Drupal 8 and are more powerful than ever! Most of us know how to make a basic view and we research how to do more complex tasks. This session is in the Site Building track and will be an in-depth look at views. It will include how to accomplish complex tasks, tips and tricks to make your views do more! 

Topics Covered

  • Filters and Sorts tips and tricks
  • Exposed Filters for better UX
  • What exactly are Contextual Filters and Relationships anyway?
  • Which Contextual Filter should I pick?
  • Making your Relationships work (only in Drupal 8 - I can't help you with your personal life)
  • Advanced features!
  • More?

(Don't Fear) The Features - Now for Drupal 8!

Aimee is excited to be back at Stanford for this year's camp with two back-to-back sessions. First, she is bringing back her "(Don't Fear) The Features conversation", but this time for Drupal 8! This session is intended for more immediate to advanced drupalists along the Dev/DevOps and Site Building track. Next, she'll discuss the process of planning and managing migrations in the PM/Business track. 

(Don't Fear) The Features - Now for Drupal 8!: Saturday, March 11, 2017 at 11:00 AM - Does Features make you want to break your guitar? Do you wonder why that #$!@ feature won't revert? Think you should put all your stuff in one huge feature and just hope for the best?

Give up amateur hour! Understand and architect your features like a rock star (with more cowbell)!!
Using the Features module can be a wild ride, especially if the features structure is not well thought out before you start.

Topics Covered

  • What is the Features module and why should it be used?
  • Using Features with the configuration management system.
  • Features + Drupal components, what is important.
  • Crazy ways the use of Features can go wrong.
  • Safe and sane ways to create and organize your features.
  • Using Features with multiple developers.
  • How to add more cowbell!!

Planning & Managing Migrations

Planning & Managing Migrations: Saturday, March 11, 2017 at 2:00 pm - Drupal 8 is great! Yay! Now its time to migrate!

There are many moving parts in a migration project compared to a new website build. Ensure your migration is a success with these architectural guidelines, helpful planning tools, and lessons learned.

The Order of Operations is important in migration projects. Keeping excellent, detailed documentation of each phase of migration is tantamount to success. These migration projects can be lengthy. Working in an efficient manner will provide your team the fitness to complete the project!

Topics Covered

  • Types of migrations (Single Pass, Incremental, Hybrid).
  • Major phases of a migration project.
  • Planning efforts and documentation created for each phase.
  • Architectural considerations to migration - content, infrastructure, etc.
  • What migration support is provided out of the box and what is custom development?
  • Role-specific considerations, tools, and needs.
  • Gotchas, facepalms, and remember tos.

See You at Stanford Drupal Camp!