Meetings Recap - July 29th -31st, 2019

Drupal Core Meetings July Week 5 Recap

Our lead community developer, Alona Oneill, has been sitting in on the latest Drupal Core Initiative meetings and putting together meeting recaps outlining key talking points from each discussion. This article breaks down highlights from meetings this past May. You'll find that the meetings, while also providing updates of completed tasks, are also conversations looking for community member involvement. There are many moving pieces as things are getting ramped up for Drupal 9, so if you see something you think you can provide insights on, we encourage you to get involved.

Out of the box meeting  07/30/19

Issues were being worked on by, Ofer ShaalKeith Jay, and Mark Conroy.

Still needs work:

Needs to be reviewed:

Admin UI meeting! 07/31/19

Meetings are for core and contributed project developers as well as people who have integrations and services related to core. 

  • Usually happens every other Wednesday at 2:30pm UTC.
  • Is done over chat.
  • Happens in threads, which you can follow to be notified of new replies even if you don’t comment in the thread. You may also join the meeting later and participate asynchronously!
  • There are roughly 5-10 minutes between topics for those who are multitasking to follow along.

Beta & Stable issue blockers that are not components and need design:

  • Refer to the spreadsheet of Claro components to find other items that need worked on. Found in the "other design issues" tab.
  • Also, there are several issues that are being marked as beta&stable blockers.
    • If you catch any issue that you think that needs design work please add them there so the design team is aware of them.
    • If you want to go through any of those and add screenshots or other info we'll really appreciate that!

Editor role next steps:

Tables on mobile:

  • Table overflow on mobile currently needs reworked.
  • There is a design proposal currently under review.
    • Andrew Nevins (anevins), recommend to look into accessible-only solutions to this problem, as making a table responsive (apart from simply adding a horizontal scrollbar) can disrupt the semantics of the table to people who need it the most.