Montreal or Bust! Hook 42 is going to Drupal North!

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The fabulous duo of K2 (Kristin Bradham) and Lindsay (Lindsay Gaudinier) are off on another trip to get their Drupal on! After having such a great time meeting up with other Drupalers and listening to ghost stories at DrupalCon in New Orleans, K2 and Lindsay are heading up north to the gorgeous multilingual city of Montreal.

Kicking things off, K2 will present her “Conversational Drupal” session that was a hit at BADCamp and Stanford Drupal Camp. Grab a coffee and bagel, and enjoy the eye-opener session on Friday morning.  This session is aimed for new Drupalers, although not necessarily new web developers.  K2 will give clear and simple explanations of frequently used Drupal terms. This session is great to start off a Drupal Convention because it will familiarize you with Drupal and encourage you to meet a few other attendees.

Later on Friday, Lindsay and K2 will lead a session on Drupal and SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital to websites that want to increase their visibility and get to the top rank on search engines. Navigating the sea of Drupal SEO modules can be daunting when all you want to do is get the basics covered effectively. They will go over SEO terms and terminology, modules and their default configuration, and tips and tricks on how to make your Drupal site rank higher with the search engines.   

But K2 and Lindsay aren’t just there to present, they’re also looking forward to learning from other Drupalers. They look forward to collaborating with friends and peers at Evolving Web, Lingotek, Kafei Interactive, and Digital Echidna. K2 is looking forward to Cathy Theys’ keynote speech: “Thoughtfulness and Drupal”.  Other great sessions K2 is looking forward to attending include: “Embracing Open-source Thinking for Better Sustainability”, “Object Oriented Programming Design Patterns in Drupal 8”, and “One Drupal to Rule Them All” just to name a few.

Lindsay is excited about attending the following sessions: “Speed up your front-end drupal development using partials”, “Planning a real-life D8 migration”, and “Lessons Learned: Drupal 8 Module Porting”.

So why should you go? Be a part of the Drupal community. Let's make Drupal great now and in the future. Music, culture, bagels, smoked-meat, coffee, and poutine?! If you can’t go, Sprints are being held on Thursday and Sunday - you can join and contribute remotely.Check the Drupal North website for information.

We hope to see you there! Montreal or bust!