We're going to Austin

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Lindsay, Aimee and Kristen will be representing the Hook 42 team at DrupalCon Austin this summer. Aimee & Kristen have been to several DrupalCons but this will be Lindsay's first and we'll celebrate her birthday when we're there. Woot!

Our proposals

Here are our proposed sessions. If you are going to Austin and want to see one of these chosen, add a comment on the session page with the reason *why* you want to see it. Thanks! (p.s. You might be wondering why we didn't propose any multilingual sessions this round... check out the next section below on the other proposed talks from the community and you'll see why... there are a huge number of multilingual/internationalization sessions proposed... these are just *some* of them :)

  • Chow down with Feeds
  • Digital Strategy is the New SEO
  • (Don't Fear) The Features, now with More Cowbell
  • Drupal Site Tuneup - Vroom vroom!
  • Migrating from Drupal to Drupal: Using migrate and migrate_d2d
  • SEO Rodeo: Lasso them little doggies… er, modules
  • Zicasso Case Study: The great million node migration

Cool stuff from the community

Here are some of the proposed sessions that look interesting to us:


  • Building a multinational site building platform with Domain Access
  • Drupal 8 core is more multilingual than Drupal 7 with all of contrib
  • Drupal 9 Multilingual, we're not yet done
  • Get ready for full translated Sites with Entity Translation
  • Multilingual Site Setup and Management
  • Iteration, Integration and Internationalization: How TripAdvisor built a successful global marketing platform using Drupal 


  • 30 Drupal 8 API Functions You Should Already Know
  • Distribution best practices
  • Introducing the Drupal 8 Console scaffolding module generator
  • Local Dev for the Masses: Vagrant + Virtual Box + Puppet + Kalabox
  • Minimalist Drupal Development
  • Newfangeldy mobile and front-end crap for people who last touched front-end code back when grunge was a thing
  • Porting a Module to Drupal 8
  • Single Page Apps with AngularJS and Drupal

Testing and Devops

  • Automated Frontend Testing
  • Automated testing for your Drupal project: 8 tips can make the difference between success and failure
  • Deploy All the Things!
  • Effectively managing Varnish and Akamai caches for a large Drupal site
  • Test Yo-self Before You Rest Yo-self (Sleeping easy with Behat)
  • Zariz - "Site preview" and Content deployment

Content Strategy, SEO and Analytics

  • Content Strategy Deliverables
  • Extending Personalization with personalize.module plug-ins.
  • Freakalytics - The Hidden Secrets of Effective Web Analytics
  • Meeting Marketing Challenges with Automation and Drupal
  • Personalizing Experiences: How-to Test, Target and Personalize inside Drupal
  • Spark: Authoring Experience++ in Drupal 7, 8, and beyond
  • The Down & Dirty of Social Media
  • The future of search and SEO
  • The Skinny on Marketing Analytics with Drupal


  • Digital Asset Management (DAM) Built on Drupal at Georgia Tech
  • From Drupal consultant to product company: the scenic route to freedom
  • Case Study: Migrating the Worlds Largest Website onto Drupal - Weather.com
  • Point North

Hope you can join us!