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Join me in Drupal 8 Novice Issue Validation


The purpose of this blog post is to tell others how in one week I went from fruitlessly searching the Issue Queue, to contributing to Drupal 8 while interacting with core contributors...and how you can too! I did this by triaging Issues that had the Novice Tag with the help of Drupal Mentors and I documented the process along the way. There are a ton of Issues left to triage and core contributors need your help!

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Prepping for DrupalCon Austin sprints: Sprint leads, component maintainers, experienced contributors & mentors, update core issue queues this week!

t’s hard to believe that DrupalCon Austin starts in a week. Woohoo! We’re excited to have 5 of our team members going… 3 of them (Lindsay, Marc & Patrick) have never been to a DrupalCon before and I’m sure they’ll have a great time with sessions and BoFs and parties and their very first sprints. For the first-timers, don’t miss the Get Involved with Core and Contribution Sprints on Friday where you can get the help you need to make Drupal better while having a fun time with the community (and remember to stick around for the extended sprints on the weekend too ;). For those of you with issues you want help with, read on…
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Wraith tutorial for designers and others new to front-end ops

With new responsive websites, it's more important than ever to look at your site at different widths. But this can be time consuming and repetitive. Also, you may want to see how your dev site compares to your live site - for example "Did this small change I made to the css on one page change much on other pages?" Again, time consuming to do by hand. Luckily for us, here comes Wraith to the rescue! 

Hook42 Team
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Hook 42 Presentations at Stanford Drupal Camp

The Hook 42 team had a great time at Stanford Drupal Camp this weekend.  Kristen and Aimee presented two sessions each and four other members of our team attended, Lindsay, K2 (Kristin), Marc, and Marc's 15 year old son Dean.  It was the first Drupal camp experience for the extended team and they enjoyed the great topics, beautiful facilities, and the welcoming community.  Many thanks to the Stanford Drupal community for hosting such a great event!

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Deleting a Drupal Field Saved in Features

There comes a time in every Drupal developer's day when they realize they really don't need a field on some content type or other entity. Maybe it was a field holding temporary data while you did a migration or maybe a feature was removed or maybe things have been rearchitected to use a non-field approach.

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