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Drupal Camp Asheville is next weekend! Join members of the Drupal community of all different skill levels and career paths for 3 days of science, trainings, sessions, and sprints.

Hook 42’s own Adam Bergstein will be sharing some insights on everybody’s favorite online Drupal testing environment, Simplytest.me. He recently took over ownership of the service, and we are excited to hear about where it is going next!

Along with helping to organize the camp, our newest team member, Jonathan Daggerhart, will be leading an all day training on Drupal 8 Essentials.


Simplytest.me: Past, Present, and Future

Adam Bergstein | Saturday, July 14th, 4:00pm | Room 1
Simplytest.me has been a long-standing tool that has served Drupal community members with an easy-to-use tool for creating Drupal sandboxes. This session walks through how people use SimplyTest and shares the various features of SimplyTest and the current underlying technical architecture, including the distributed computing infrastructure, use of LXC, and the Drupal 7 based provisioning platform. Based on lessons learned and emerging technology, a roadmap has been created to both modernize and evolve SimplyTest. This presentation outlines this future vision and presents opportunities for community members and companies to learn, to contribute, and to participate moving forward. We will review React, Docker, Drupal 8, Digital Ocean, and the new proposed user interface. Simplytest.me will continue to serve the needs of the community in a variety of ways and we’re excited to share the evolution of the service in concert with the needs of community members.


Essential Drupal 8 Developer Training

Jonathan Daggerhart | Friday, July 13th, 9am - 5pm

Intended for developers who have no, or limited, experience with Drupal 8 or Object Oriented Programming (OOP). Familiarity with Drupal 7 will be beneficial, but isn't required. This workshop will help jump start your Drupal 8 coding work by laying the foundation for all the big concepts that have been recently introduced. More than just teaching these ideas, I will attempt to provide understanding behind the potential motivations for these changes and how they relate to the work you're already familiar with from Drupal 7 or other procedural frameworks/CMSs.

We'll discuss and write a custom module together that uses all of these concepts:

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

  • PSR4: Namespaces and Autoloading
  • What is Symfony?
  • Drupal 8 file structure - What you need to know.
  • YAML files & Annotations
  • Services
  • Hooks vs Events
  • Config Objects & Config Schema
  • Custom Forms
  • Custom Block Types
  • Custom Routing with Access Control
  • Providing Twig templates within your modules

By the end of this workshop you should be significantly more knowledgeable about how Drupal 8 has changed and understand why those changes are considered improvements on Drupal 7's code base.

It will be useful to come to this training with a local development environment where you can write and run PHP. Having a Drupal 8 site to work with would be beneficial, but isn't completely necessary.

We hope to see all of you in Asheville!

Drupal Camp Asheville is July 13-15 in beautiful Asheville, NC at the The Sherrill Center and Kimmel Arena.

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