Did Someone Say Drupaldelphia? Philly Philly!

Philly! Philly!

Hook 42 is heading to Philadelphia for Drupaldelphia. Phew, that’s a mouthful to say! Not only are we proud to be sponsoring such a wonderful event, we’re excited to announce that Adam Bergstein will be giving two talks this year.

Dropping the Knowledge

To say we're excited about Adam's talks would be an understatement. To have a chance to share insights and experiences with other eager-to-learn individuals is something Adam enjoys, and he's looking forward to doing it again at Drupaldelphia.

Better Together: Impact Through Contribution

Adam will discuss his journey through the Drupal-verse, and explore ways to make a big community feel easier to navigate. With so many moving pieces, and people involved, it can be overwhelming at times to know what to do and where to find help. The moral of the story? When we all come together and pitch in, we can accomplish big things! Join Adam for an insightful journey through the community, and explorations of togetherness that make Drupal great.

SimplyTest.me - A Community Case Study

SimplyTest.me is a long-standing, free service that has the served Drupal community with an easy-to-use tool for creating Drupal sandboxes. During this case study, we’ll share the motivations behind SimplyTest.me and how the tool aims to lower the barrier of entry for those participating in the community. We’ll walk through the various use cases and features of the tool and examine how that helps anyone participate in our community. 

We hope you’ll come say hello if you stop in on one of Adam's sessions! If you're not interested in Adam's talks, don't fret! There are plenty of other interesting things happening at Drupaldelphia this year. Take a look at their website to browse other sessions, we're positive there is something for everyone. 


Understanding the importance Drupaldelphia has on the community, we felt it necessary to spread the love and give back to our Drupal family. We enjoy helping our community in many ways, and sponsorship is just another way to contribute to a community that helps so many people develop valuable skills and long-lasting relationships.

The development of our community important to us. Providing support that paves a way for those to come together and learn from each other is a core value of Hook 42 and it applies to more than just our team. Thats why we try to be part of its growth just as much from the outside as we do from the inside. 


Beyond the sponsorship and presentations, we’re happy to be back in the city of brotherly love. Those attending are looking forward to exploring the town and seeing some familiar faces. We hope you'll join Hook 42 in Philly for some good food, good culture and community contribution.

The real question though – when you get to Philly will you be going to Pat’s or Geno’s? Choose wisely!