Stanford Web Camp 2019

Stanford University Exterior Hallway

In case you missed it, Stanford Drupal Camp changed their name to Stanford Web Camp. This transformation marks an important step in the Stanford journey from the camp's inception 10 years ago. We’re happy to be part of the evolution of the Stanford community as they expand into a more inclusive web atmosphere.

Experience Stanford

At Stanford Web Camp, attendees and presenters will discuss a variety of topics about the web from development to accessibility, and everything in between. All of these discussions will take place on the Stanford campus, in sunny California. We're officially inviting you to come explore “The Farm” with Hook 42 and learn other fun Stanford lingo while you’re on site!

As part of the camp, Hook 42’s Aimee Degnan will be giving two talks – one focusing on accessibility and the other on SiteBuilding. So, if you missed Aimee’s talk on a11y tools at DrupalCon 2019 - you can see it live, in-person at Stanford Web Camp! 

Discover Accessibility Tools

Join us to listen to Aimee’s talk, “Which Accessibility Tools are Right For You?“ What you can expect to gain is a broad overview of all the tools that are available in the accessibility testing spectrum. We hope you’ll leave with a better understanding of what the tools are, and how they can be utilized. There are a lot of options out there, and just knowing where to start can be a difficult path.

Aimee will explore the following:

  • Which tools are right for you?
  • Will only one tool fit all of your needs? ;)
  • Build vs. buy some vs. buy vs. free? Is "free" really free?

Level Up Your Layouts

Aimee's second discussion will explore View Modes and Layout Builder. Level up your layout! Component Based SiteBuilding with Layout Builder & View Modes is for those who are familiar with Drupal and are interested in harmonizing tools to streamline component building in the platform.

With Layout Builder in Core, it is essential to build a View Mode and Layout Builder strategy. You can harness the power of View Modes to move beyond Teaser and Paragraphs for display flexibility. Come out and learn how you can build a more streamlined process utilizing the benefits of View Mode and Layout Builder.

The talk will be structured as follows:

  • View Modes in Core
  • Architecting View Modes for your site
  • Lessons Learned with View Modes
  • View Modes and Layout Builder

Join Hook 42 at Camp

Stanford Web Camp is completely free and open to the public, we encourage all of you to explore other sessions and join a community of motivated professionals as we talk about the latest trends and developments in our industry. Come out and say hello to Hook 42, we’re eager to meet new people, connect with old friends, and discuss all things tech.

See you soon!