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The Twelve Days of AWS: IAM

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) is where you set up users and groups to create and assign roles and permissions to those users. You may want to assign a user with specific access to certain functionality that will be used by a Lambda, or a user login for someone to log into AWS and view logs. All of these things are done here in IAM.

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The Twelve Days of AWS: Serverless

While this is not an actual AWS tool, it is something so useful for setting up Lambdas that it deserves a day to itself.

When looking for how to get started with Lambdas I ran into Serverless pretty quickly. It’s a framework that does a lot of the nitty-gritty and heavy lifting involved with configuring the elements that surround the code written inside the Lambdas.

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The Twelve Days of AWS: Lambda

When I needed to perform small operations on files stored in S3, I turned to this next tool in the AWS arsenal, Lambda. Lambda is effectively a ‘serverless’ script running platform, whereas of the time of writing, code in Node.js, Python, Java, Ruby, Go, C# or PowerShell will be run whenever triggered by specific events. A few examples of these events are: S3 Object uploaded, Amazon Alexa, and Manual trigger via the Lambda UI.

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The Twelve Days of AWS: S3

For a while now I have been thinking about writing a blog post about Amazon Web Services (AWS) tools that have become a part of my toolkit recently. However, there are plenty of wonderful in-depth articles about specific parts of AWS and I really only wanted to focus on some of the parts to help demystify the storm of acronyms and code names that can make the AWS environment seem a bit opaque.

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How to Streamline Update Hooks Using the Batch API

When maintaining a Drupal 8 site in production, it’s often necessary to make changes within the site’s database, specifically when it comes to modifying settings or data that is not handled by Drupal’s YAML file-based configuration management API. Some common examples of settings or data not handled by the configuration management API include the following:

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Hook 42 Named a Clutch 1000 Company for 2019

It is with great honor that we announce Hook 42 has been named a Clutch 1000 company for 2019! If you're unfamiliar with Clutch, it exists to connect prospective buyers with the firms that will best fit their business needs. Global companies in a wide variety of industries can be found on Clutch. Each company profile features an individual rating, as well as verified client reviews conducted by Clutch analysts.

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Clutch Top 1000

Welcome to Hook 42 Brandon!

Hook 42 is excited to be adding Brandon Moser to our growing team. As a Sales Representative, Brandon will be focused on developing, managing, and maintaining strong client relationships and experiences. Brandon’s past history working with medium-size and enterprise-level organizations is a great addition to the group. We understand being the new person is a little awkward at first, so to break the ice we had Brandon answer a few fun questions. Here’s what Brandon said.

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Welcome to Hook 42 Brandon!

Hook 42 and The Spirit of Giving

It’s that time of year again. People are gathering with old friends, spending time with family, and looking for ways to lend a helping hand. At Hook 42, that’s what we look forward to the most, being able to give back and help people however we can. We do our best to continue to give and be part of our communities throughout the year. In light of Giving Tuesday, we wanted to talk a little bit about what it means to us to be involved and support those around us and how we’re giving back this holiday season.

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Attending DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019

With another DrupalCon wrapped up, it always takes some time for everything experienced to coalesce, and a couple of weeks after getting back from Amsterdam, I was thinking about the major takeaways this time round.

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