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Drupal 8 Interviews: Spotlight on NNU's Sarah Maple

National Nurses United red logo

Sarah Maple is the Lead Web Designer at National Nurses United (NNU) and has been at the organization for four years. Her training bridges art and web technology in order to better serve clients with both their technological needs as well as their artistic ones. She provides support with Drupal logistics and project management for the NNU website, which is a full website conversion to Drupal 8. Read more about Drupal 8 Interviews: Spotlight on NNU's Sarah Maple

Hook 42 at Stanford Camp 2018

Stanford logo and pale pink Drupal drop

If DrupalCon is right around the corner, then Stanford Drupal Camp is right in front of us! We’re excited to spend a couple days almost in our own backyard at Stanford before heading to Nashville. 

We have a bunch of sessions lined up on a variety of subjects... from DevOps to decoupled Drupal, technical acronyms to development tips, and even a case study about a Stanford project. We’ve got something for everyone, so we hope to see you there! Read more about Hook 42 at Stanford Camp 2018

Cowboy Boots, Hot Chicken, and DrupalCon - Hook 42 is heading to Music City!

Hook 42 Neon Guitar sign drawing

Every year the Hook 42 team packs their collective bags and heads out to DrupalCon to share some knowledge, learn some new tricks, and spend some time catching up with the community. This year is no different. We’re excited to be heading Nashville! It’s a first for many of us on the team. We are excited to be presenting a few sessions and participating in a few panels. We also look forward to seeing some of you in the Sprints. Some of our team has signed up to mentor (psst... you can too!) And now, let’s get down to business.... Read more about Cowboy Boots, Hot Chicken, and DrupalCon - Hook 42 is heading to Music City!

Drupal 8 Interviews: Spotlight on Adam Bergstein

Adam Bergstein headshot

Adam Bergstein is the VP of Engineering at Hook 42. Previously he was Associate Director of Engineering at Civic Actions and worked at Acquia as a Technical Architect. Adam is an active member of the Drupal Community. He recently took over the simplytest.me project, ported many modules to Drupal 8, is involved in Google Summer of Code, serves on the Drupal Governance Committee, and provides mentorship.
He has given multiple talks. Most of his talks focus on Drupal security, working with teams, or technical enablement. Read more about Drupal 8 Interviews: Spotlight on Adam Bergstein

January Accessibility (A11Y) Talks

Drupal Drop wheelchair moving toward Drupal 8 drop logo

In January, we were happy to have Ashley Bischoff as our guest speaker. Ashley talked about embracing plain language for better accessibility. Ashley is an accessibility expert and copy editor for The Paciello Group.

Writing reports and documentation is nothing new for many of us — we write them all the time. But even though we may do our best to write clearly, those who receive our reports and documentation might not be as familiar with accessibility as we are.

At the end of the day, no matter how technically correct a document may be, our words won't do much good if those who are reading them can't understand what we're trying to say. But writing isn't a black box — there are straightforward techniques that we can use to help ensure that our writing remains accessible. Read more about January Accessibility (A11Y) Talks

Drupal 8 Interviews: Spotlight on Mike Anello

Mike Anello

It's said that the adoption of Drupal 8 has been slower than any other Drupal version. The Hook 42 team embraces Drupal 8 and are curious about how others in the community feel. In this inaugural edition of Drupal 8 Interviews, we are spotlighting my mentor and former instructor Mike Anello from DrupalEasy.

Mike is a Drupal developer, trainer, and the co-owner of Drupal Career Online. You might recognize him from his Drupal.org profile name, ultimike, or know his voice from the DrupalEasy Podcast. He has been a part of the Drupal community for almost 12 years. He has contributed back in many ways: code contribution, documentation, mentoring, and event planning. He also volunteers for the Drupal Association as part of the Community Working Group. Read more about Drupal 8 Interviews: Spotlight on Mike Anello